What kind of prep do I need? Class, Tutoring, or...?

    The short answer is - that depends on what you need! Most companies offer a basic class, a basic class with some extra features for more money (or just a more expensive class), an online class, tutoring, small group tutoring, and online tutoring. Below, I go through each one and give some thoughts on when you should consider that option:

  1. The basic class: This is often the best option. In person classes are generally more useful than online ones, and a class is always considerably cheaper than tutoring. Even if you are looking for a really big score increase, it may be worthwhile to start with a class and move onto tutoring, so that you are not paying very large sums for being taught the basics.
  2.  The basic class with extra features/ the more expensive class: When considering such classes, it is very important to compare the companies as each one offers something different. Some offer more practice tests, others discount tutoring, and many offer a whole set of extra features. Explore these features, because there may well be some you find worth their money. To see what each company offers, visit the Comparisons page.
  3. Online class: This may be the best option if you are too far out to make it to an in person class, to busy stick to a regular class schedule, or just prefer to pay less. It will likely be less useful than the in person class, but it can also be a great option for a considerably smaller price. There are two kinds of online classes: "live" online classes involve a fixed schedule and a real instructor talking to a group of students via webcam. Non-live classes have instead recorded videos or just exercises.
  4. Tutoring: Tutoring is the best option if you are willing to pay considerably more for a bigger score increase and/or for more flexibility in schedule. It is also sometimes the preferred option for people with very high scores, who want to advance at their pace and avoid boredom in class. Tutoring is also highly customizable, and thus may be the best option if you only need preparation for part of the test.
  5. Small group tutoring: This can be a great way to make tutoring cheaper and more fun. It may also make it slightly less effective, and to minimize that effect you can try to do small group tutoring with kids of the same level as you. Usually, you are the one who brings together the group for small group tutoring, so you do have control over that.
  6. Online tutoring: Again, this is sometimes cheaper than online tutoring, and that is probably the main advantage. It can also be somewhat less effective than the in person tutoring.

To compare the different companies by their offerings, please visit the Comparisons page!