An Introduction to the Companies

Here, you see an introduction to each company. Some companies have provided a special blurb about themselves and what they are proud of, which you see in quotes.

If you want to learn more about the specific offerings of the companies and how they compare to each other, visit Compare SAT Companies the page.

Revolution Prep

We started Revolution Prep with a vision to transform education and provide the highest quality instruction to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. In building a team of smart people who are dedicated to this vision, we have developed innovative methods and curricula to help students achieve their test score potential and become better learners for the future. Revolution also has a social mission. We are committed to make positive differences in our communities through our generous scholarship program, company service days, and partnership programs.

We know it is wrong to expect yesterday's technology and techniques to work for today's students. Revolution Prep has embraced the use of online resources to personalize learning, and our instructors are trained to infuse energy into every class, keeping students focused and engaged. At Revolution, we are passionate about what we do and you will see this passion in everything we do."Revolution Prep is a rising star of the test prep world. In 2002, the company started out with a mission of teaching long term test taking strategies, instead of just tricks to beat the test. They also promised never to turn away a student who cannot pay. And they have stuck to both promises.

Ivy Bound

Ivy Bound has helped propel over 5,000 students to prestigious colleges.

Ivy Bound offers the most flexible offerings for SAT and ACT prep, including private tutoring, semi-private tutoring, classes, and skype sessions for international students.
Our teachers are top 1% scorers who teach with clarity, empathy, enthusiasm, and high test knowledge

Ivy Bound prides itself on providing a maximum of flexibility. They will do whatever it takes to fit your needs and your schedule: organize a class in your area, find a small group tutoring option, or get private tutoring. To accommodate busy schedules, most Ivy Bound classes meet on weekends.

Ivy Bound allows you to choose between four types of classes and four classes of instructors! This makes picking an Ivy Bound class a little bit more complicated, but these classes are also much more customized.

Since Ivy Bound does their best to adjust it's offerings to your needs, the information in the chart is the general case - there may be exceptions! Please contact Ivy Bound directly if you find the information here lacking, as the answers will depend largely on your particular needs. They are a small company, and the founder is still the head instructor!


Kaplan an old and well established SAT company that prides itself on providing individualized prep. They do a lot to make their prep unique to you: customized course plans, special progress tracking software, classes based on student performance, and much more!


Princeton Review is an established SAT giant, founded in 1981. The company describes itself as

dedicated to the simple mission of being great teachers!

They happily keep apace with new technologies and integrate them into their offerings.

Excel (California Bay Area Only)

Excel prides itself on providing the best long term preparation. They advertise themselves as the company to go with if you are taking the class as Sophomore or Junior. It offers free practice tests for six months after course completion, cheap refresher courses, and, for Platinum Exam Club members, many other long term services.

Now that you've read about the companies - see the Comparisons page for details on their offerings and how the companies compare to each other!