My name is Sophia Gilman, and I am a Junior at Yale University. For the past few years, I have been very involved with the SAT test, first as a high school student and then professionally.

    In high school, I enrolled in an SAT prep class before my Junior year. I knew I needed to improve my score, and a class seemed like a great way of doing that. The question that haunted me for a large part of Sophomore year was which class I should pick. At the time, the number of different companies and offerings frightened and confused me. I asked my friends, teachers, and counselors, but their advice was conflicting at best. At the same time, I was sure I wasn't hearing about all the options.

    After weeks of this kind of searching, I was very glad to be done picking. The class itself worked wonders! I walked in with a 2000 and walked out with a 2200.  I took the SAT itself twice and got a 2370 the second time around.

    After I was done, I realized that I had rather enjoyed the entire process - I liked the class, and I liked the test itself.

    Since I enjoyed SAT related work, I jumped at the chance to run my own SAT branch the Summer after freshman year, and I stuck with that job the next Summer as well. In that capacity, I took the time to discover everything there was to know about the different SAT companies and what they offer.

    As part of my job, and, as time wore on, outside of it, I spoke to hundreds of parents about SAT preparation. The more parents I talked to, the more I realized that my high school confusion about SAT prep was fairly widespread. And there didn't seem to be a single good source with information about all the companies.

    Finally, at the end of the Summer of 2011, I left the SAT business myself, but I kept talking to parents who asked for help in picking the right SAT prep for their children. I realized that people had many of the same questions and that many parents wanted to compare the different companies - they asked me why companies were different, which was better, etc.

    To help answer these questions - I created this website. It offers answers to common questions on the FAQ page, a description of the companies on the Descriptions page, my thoughts on the different offerings on the Offerings page, and a great chart comparing the companies and their offerings on the Comparisons page.

    I am excited to be able to help parents and students with the problems that haunted me and my friends all of these years ago!