Everything you need to make an informed decision about the best SAT prep option for you!

What company to pick? Class or tutoring? Or the deluxe class they offer?

You have dozens of options, and the information is in ten different places.

That's why I've created this Web page.

I have been there myself, and I have helped hundreds of parents make the best decision for them.

Why do parents come to me?

  • I know the different companies: their offerings, their pros, and their cons. For two years, I ran an SAT prep branch of my own, and, like any good businessperson, I learned everything there was to know about my competition. In it's first year, the branch was ranked 19th in the country.
  • I am a neutral source of information: Having left the SAT business, I am not affiliated with any company. The detailed information I offer you is entirely unbiased.
  • I navigated the system successfully myself: As a student, I attended several test prep classes, earned a 2370 on the SAT, and was accepted into Yale University.

This successful experience, however, was also absurdly harrowing. I remember wishing desperately there was some coherent explanation, some basic database, or something.

I consulted friends who had very different experiences and conflicting advice. It didn't help that many of them were equally confused. In the maelstrom of company names, hybrid classes, classes deluxe, and tutoring options, I felt completely lost. And at the same time I had a distinct feeling I was hearing about less than half of the possibilities! As the years passed, many of the parents and students I talked to faced very similar problems.

After my experience in the industry, I found that I could answer those many questions, provide a guideline in the world of SAT Prep. That is, in short, what this website does.

What this web site does for you:

  • Guides you through every step of the process from “should I prepare” to placing your order!
  • Shows you information on the major companies and their offerings all in one place. I have spent days gathering all the information available on company websites and calling the companies themselves to ask all the myriad questions you might have. Moreover, this website is updated every week, so that you can see every new type of class and every new discount offered!
  • Gives you my many year education for free! Along with pure information, you have all of my knowledge on how to evaluate courses and how to approach SAT prep encapsulated in these pages.
  • Answers all questions you may have within 48 hours, guaranteed! If you have any questions not answered on this site, you can post them on the forum, and I promise an answer within 48 hours!
  • Provides a $50 discount if you sign up for a Revolution Prep, Excel, or Ivy Bound course and use the BESTFIT discount code. These companies have been able to extend this extra discount, and I am working on getting discount offers from Kaplan and Princeton as well!

How you can use this site: 

Now that you know what you want - solve your SAT prep troubles in just five minutes!

From the Comparison page, you can click on the companies or courses, sign up for your prep right away, and get your $50 discount! To get the discount, please enter BESTFIT on the company site.

Let me summarize what you can do by exploring this site and ordering here:

  • You save time because the research is done for you and gathered in one place.
  • You avoid frustration by getting clear, comprehensive neutral information from an expert who has helped many parents.
  • You save money with the $50 discount.

There is no other web site that allows you to solve you SAT prep problems this quickly, easily, and efficiently! Decide what you want, go to the Comparisons page, and place your order!



Sophia Gilman

P.S. Use this site to place the order here and now, and you will make an informed decision about the best sat prep for you and help your student get into a better college